About us

About us

XXPO is an international trade and service organization founded in 1999 and based in Germany (Breuna). The company deals with a wide variety of activities in the bicycle industry. With more than 2,000 customers worldwide and agents on every continent XXPO is market leader in bicycle sales and measurement systems.

XXPO's objective is to create added value for customers and consumers. Each concept is supported by high-quality consumer goods, such as Body Scanning CRM, Moederstuur and Lunasee.

In addition to this product range, and as an essential part of the business, services like direct marketing, training, installation and maintenance are offered.

XXPO appreciates long-term relationships with suppliers, retailers and consumers. XXPO continues to invest in these relationships and adjusts services so they are always optimized for demand.

The majority of XXPO business focuses on marketing, distribution, service and maintenance for the bike industry.

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