Body Scanning CRM

Handling customer requests quickly and offering personalized customer service does not usually come hand in hand. ?Body Scanning CRM creates the perfect balance between personal and custom consultation and optimization of sales activities. A direct overview of the body measurements and proportions is generated to ensure an optimal ergonomic bicycle adjustment.

With the customized CRM software, individual preferences and needs of your customers can be recorded. This combination of measurements and customer preferences makes it possible to create a Body Scanning CRM customer profile. With this profile, a bike specialist can find the best fitting bike and offer it to customers.

Body Scanning CRM accompanies the sales person, or client advisor, and creates a complete overview of the right bike and the right attitude for both sales activities as well as the repair shop.

The customer gets a printout which contains a measurement protocol and also an automatically sent e-mail that thanks them for their trust and for visiting the store.

XXPO is the worldwide exclusive distributor of Body Scanning CRM and is always on the lookout for agents, partners and customers.

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CH: Limacher Heinz, Limatech GmbH

DK: Michael Blomsterberg, Michaels Cykler